Sunday, 18 November 2007


You might have noticed that I personally haven't posted anything for a while. It's not that I haven't had anything to post about. Always have something to say. But things have been pretty busy as we head into the Winter and Holiday season. But more than that, there have been a few things that have weighed heavily on my mind and heart in the last month or so. And it all has to do with confrontation. Yeah, the dreaded word for most of us. Although I know a few who thrive on confrontation, I am not one of them. I dread it. For me it's like going to the doctor and getting a shot. UHHHHH!! Makes me shiver. And confrontation is even worse - it's not just a one-time thing, but you see the person over and over again. But it is a necessary part of love - yes, love. And of course, being the pastor, I get the 'fun' task of confronting people and speaking the truth in love to them (Eph 4.15).

In fact, we see evidence of this in God's Word over and over again. Paul stood up to Peter when he was acting hypocritically towards the Gentiles (Gal 2.11-21). Again Paul spoke words of rebuke to the Corinthians for their division, worldiness, compromise and lack of love (entire 1st letter to the Corinthians). In the letter to Philemon, Paul gently confronts him about Onesimus. I kinda get the feeling Paul is one of those who thrived on confrontations! But not just Paul - James confronted the rich who oppressed their servants and laborers (James 5.1-6). Barnabas confronted Paul about John Mark (Acts 15.36-41). And of course our Lord confronted many - the Pharisees, the multitude, even His disciples. In any case, we see Biblical examples of confrontation. But that doesn't make it any easier for me. It's a task I dread, but will do dutifully, relying upon God for strength, love and the right words.

So pray for me - there are 3 different confrontations, some inside the church, others outside the church. One is under way - I have spoken with the person once already and we agreed to talk again in a month. Another is coming up this next week - this is the biggie because it involves sin. And the last is sometime in the future - I am waiting on that one because it involves a third party. So please pray with me - that hard hearts will be softened, pride would give way to humilty and sin turned to repentance. Thanks for standing with me, and us.


Starrs In Denver said...

Praying for you David. These times can be so hard. Hang on friend! Desi would still love to skype with you sometime. We go home on Wednesday and then Desi is back here in CA from Sat to Mon (1st weekend in Dec). Perhaps you guys can talk before you leave for CA.

The Four Harts said...

Lord, I pray right now that you would continue to give David Wisdom that He would in all that He does and says reflect you that he would speak the word of truth in Love and continue to seek your face. Lord grant Him your long suffering for those in His life Lord that you would show Him the peace you Have given Him and that through all these confortations Lord you would be glorified. All glory and honour be given to you Amen.
Love ya man, Josiah

onHISturf - dvp said...

tanx guys, i did 2 of the 3 already and will update you soon. our dsl at home is out for the next couple weeks, so i have to do everything from the church. but when i'm at church, i just don't have time!