Sunday, 21 December 2008

How's My Witness?

Last week, one of my co-workers said something that really got me thinking. He normally is out in the field installing fire sprinklers, but last week, he was working in the warehouse with me. We have never worked together before so this was the first time we spent anytime together. After working together all morning putting together metal warehouse racks/shelves that go up almost 3 stories high (yes, that was fun climbing up that high!), he turned to me that afternoon and said he's never worked with anyone like me before. My first thought was - 'uh-oh, what did I do? Did I do or say anything to offend him?'

I asked him what he meant and he answered - 'there is such a peace about you. I never worked with such a good man.' Obviously he hasn't seem me get upset at my kids yet ;-)! I laughed and said - 'I am not good, no one is good. I am a sinner, a bad man. BUT I have received the grace and forgiveness of God and that's why I have peace.' I went on to share the Gospel with him, just telling him about the grace of God that can change lives and bring peace into lives that were once in turmoil. His only response - 'yeah, all you guys (meaning Christians, I assume) seem to have peace and be at peace.' But before I could go further, we were interrupted and I never got the chance to talk to him that day again. And he's been out in the field again so I don't know when I'll see him again. Please pray for him - he's obviously been touched by God's Spirit.

In any case, what he said really made me think about my witness - so often I don't think I share the Gospel enough, but obviously something is getting through to people! This man noticed something different about me. In fact, that was almost exactly how I was introduced to true Christianity - it was though a co-worker 14 years ago who didn't have to share his faith verbally but simply by his actions, I had noticed something different about him. That opened the door for him to talk to me. And so it is with this man - by my actions (directly or indirectly, I don't know) he noticed something and that opened the doors for me to speak about my Savior Jesus.

So don't be discouraged if you don't seem to be sharing enough or that no one seems to notice your faith. Live full-on for Christ, do those things that please Him, be holy/set apart from the world and be ready in season and out, and He will open doors for you to witness for Him.