Thursday, 28 May 2009

Liz the Lizard

This past weekend, the kids found a lizard crawling/sitting on the side of the house. The boys were too scared to catch it, so Taliah grabbed it. She was soooo excited that she actually caught it and that it wasn't as gross and 'slimy' and icky as it seemed (I don't know if I would have grabbed it like that ;-), hehe). In any case, Becks and Taliah went out and got a terrarium and Taliah got to name the lizard. She calls it Liz (hopefully it's not a 'he' and won't get offended). Well, we knew Taliah is the tomboy of the family - she loves climbing trees, catching bugs and now lizards. She is usually the first one to try new things - a little adventuress! In fact she takes after her godmother - Auntie Lia!

Anyways, the kids have been catching ants, earwigs, flies and roly-poly's (pill bugs) to feed the lizard. And today we went to the pet store and got some meal worms and crickets as a special treat for little ole Liz.

Snagged! Aint't he cuddly?!?!

Sooo excited!

Home Sweet Home

Liz the (hopefully female) Lizard


Fiona said...

She is definitely very cute! Congratulations!

I think of you guys a lot and would love to see you again. Any news concerning plans to move again?

Love, Fiona

onHISturf - dvp said...

hi there, long time no see/hear! sorry it didn't work out for me to come up to hd when i was in fr. i forgot i had something already planned that day.

yeah, we're still praying about a couple things. no new news yet. but hopefully soon. by august we would have been here 1 year. getting antsy to go out again.

david + phamily