Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Science Phun

This past week, Jesaiah and Taliah had to present their science research projects at the school science fair. Jesaiah did his research on 'friction' - what it is, how it works, what has more friction, etc. And Taliah did hers on the 'surface tension of water' - again, what it is, how it works and how you can see it. I got the opportunity to help them with this - science is right up my alley! I have to admit it was really fun - i enjoy science a lot. Anyways, they did really well on their research and the teachers (and other students) were impressed with their work. And it was fun to see the projects from the other kids at the school - there were some truly impressive ones!

So, here are a few fotos of Jesaiah and Taliah doing their research...

Talk about 'sticky' rice!

What has more friction - smooth plastic, rubber or sandpaper??

Fill 'er up!

My cup runneth over!

Cutting water?!

Finished products...

and Taliah's

Random...'hey take my picture too Daddy!'
Zachie and his 'sleeping-bag'.

'Me too' says Dariah, 'look what I can do!'