Monday, 29 October 2007


I have a ton of things to post right now, but I will begin with the 4x9 meme that my friend Rose tagged us with. (Davey will cover the other one Rose :) ) I am assuming that I stick to her subjects, so here it goes!

Four jobs I've had:
1. My first job was a little mini-mart/restaraunt called Humphrey's station in the foothills outside of Fresno California. I was a cashier, waitress, dishwasher, sometimes cook, a little of everything!
2. I worked at Sea World of California, more than once. My first position was in food service, then I went to Park Operations, after a break of a few years. In Park Ops I worked turnstiles and other various positions, including bathroom duty. After awhile I got a class B drivers licesence and started driving trams in the parking lot and 15 passenger vans, among other parking lot duties. It was fun, that was the first place I was able to use my German that I had been learning in college.
3. I worked for a very short time in a Christian bookstore in San Diego, I don't even remember the name of it...bad I know!
4. While going to college in San Diego I worked for an Environmental testing lab for a few years where I started off with just photo copying, and numbering large books of data. I hand numbered books,with a stamp, that were sometimes more than 300 pages long! I could be heard stamping page numbers throughout the lobby! After a while I started learning data entry. It was a great learning experience...until we were all escorted from the building by federal marshals because the company was bankrupt and was unable to make rent. That was exciting!

Four movies I'd watch over and over again:
in no particular order
1. On the Town with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.
2. Up in Arms with Danny Kaye, if I could find a copy of it! I love the crazy songs that he sings, and they were written by his wife!
3. Star Wars, the original trilogy.
4. The Lord of the Rings (I'm with you there Rose!)

Four places I've lived:
1. Eufaula, Oklahoma until 1985(born in McAlester)
2. Selma, California
3. Clovis, California
4. Tollhouse, California (foothills outside of Clovis/Fresno)
5. San Diego, California
6. Murrieta, California
7. and Freiburg, Germany (I've lived longer here than in any of the other places!)
Okay, that was more than four...I won't go into how many times I went back and forth between some of these places!

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Navy CIS
2. Crossing Jordan
3. Schmekt Nicht Gibts Nicht (hard to's a cooking show...he uses pretty simple ingrediants to make yummy, quick, meals)
4. 24 (on DVD with my hubby)

Four places I've been:
1. Rome Italy (for our first anniversary)
2. Swiss alps (only about 2 hours from us)
3. Australia (twice to visit my sis)
4. Schloss Heroldeck in Austria (in the Austrian Alps)

Four Websites I visit daily:
1. Fox News, to get the news in English.
2. Our blog, to see if anyone has commented
3. Freinds blogs
I really don't visit any other sites daily...

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Steak and potatoes
2. Carne Asada burriutos (or Mexican food in general. We don't get it here unless I make it myself)
3. Käse Spätzle (A German noodle, covered in cheese and baked)
4. Chicken Ceaser salad (something I really only get in California)
(ok, now I'm hungry! and homesick! ;) j/k, but I think I will make tortillas tomorrow!)

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Perth, Australia (to visit my sis)
2. Anywhere with a fireplace to curl up in front of with a good book.
3. Freiburg
4. Freiburg
There isn't really anywhere else I'd rather be for any amount of time!

Four bloggers I've tagged:
1. you
2. you
3. you
4. and you
You know who you are! ; ) heeheehee

Well I look forward to reading some meme's from some other bloggers!
I will get around to my other posts in the next couple of days, hopefully, before we hit the road again this weekend!


beckwanda said...

you are more fascinating than ever!!!!
i love learning new things about friends.
phams do make freiburg sound phun!!!

Starrs In Denver said...

I agree with Beckwanda above :)
Great job with the meme and I know how busy you are! So interesting.
Well, I need to get cracking too. Thanks for playing along.

luca said...

happy birthday Dariah:)
nice to know you're a 24 phan too:D