Monday, 29 September 2008

Evolution or Creation

After church, at lunch while we were eating pasta and basil pesto (mmmm, one of my favorites), the kids and I got into a lively discussion about evolution and creation. I really don't know how we got onto that topic, but we really got deep into the discussion. Well, as deep as a 4, 6 and 8 year old can get. It was so awesome to hear them getting all excited to outdo one another to see who could come up with reasons why evolution isn't true and creationism is.

I just listened and encouraged them to think about this or that, plus I had to often (very often) 'exhort' them to also EAT! And to NOT talk with their mouths full of green, orange and yellow pasta -imagine with me what that would look like all mashed up with basil pesto, mixed with a little apple-berry juice and sometimes dribbling out the sides of their mouths and you can see why I had to interrupt and tell them to finish chewing and swallowing before speaking! ;-)

Anyways, we finally finished and summarized our findings. They came up with 2 good reasons why we can't believe in evolution...

(1) because there is really no proof. Jesaiah hit the nail on the head when he asked, 'if we came from monkeys, then who made the monkeys?' Of course we took that even further back - 'if we came from single cell life, then who created that?' Good question. No good answers for evolutionists.

(2) and because it takes God out of the picture as our Creator. Wow, can you imagine that coming from kids!? They understand it! Taliah said 'people don't wanna worship God so they make statues to bow down to and worship and that's not good because God said in the Ten Commandments not to worship statues.' RIGHT! And I love Zachie's response to that 'yeah, and God is gonna get angry! (But you gotta see it with the hand motions he was doing - just imagine Zachie, at his most excited, loudest and pumping his left arm up and down like he was gonna karate-chop someone to pieces!). But He will still love them and will never leave them and stay next to them.' Ahh, out of the mouths of babes...

I can't remember who said it first, (maybe it was me!) but it was pointed out that God created us because He wants to love us. And if we take God out of the picture and out of our lives, then we miss out on God's love! That's one to chew on.

And Dariah's response to all this? 'Spoooon! Spoooon! Daddy, mo juss, mo juss' - in English that would be 'please pick up the spoon that I dropped (actually it was a fork, but hey, she's not even 2 yet). And please may I have more juice, Daddy?' Or maybe that was what I was hoping she would say. ;-)

In any case, it was a great Sunday afternoon dining table discussion. And you just gotta cherish moments like these when you can say - yes, they do understand what we (and others) have been teaching them. And yes, it is all worth it.